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Charcuterie Essentials


Plan your platter out right with these Charcuterie board must haves!

With our Charcuterie Essentials package we bring you the ultimate platter experience Each package comes with our best and brightest flavors. 

This bundle includes the following:

1LB Pumpkin Seeds - Greek Seasoned
1LB Cashew - Lightly Salted
1LB Almonds - Lightly Salted
1LB Dried Hibiscus 
1LB Dried Mango 
1LB Pastel Chocolate Cherries 
0.5LB Rose Buds 
1LB Dried Persimmon
1LB Dried Pomelo 
1LB Assorted Turkish Delight

FREE shipping right to your door! 

(EXCLUSIVE TO ONLINE ORDERS -Not available in store)